Support Management Tools for Your Customer Support Representatives

MarketPowerPRO provides the online tools you need to offer your own support department. The more that support can be transitioned to the web, the less calls your customer service representatives are required to field. Without Support Management tools, support teams can become overwhelmed and operate inefficiently

This not only helps to create a better work environment for them but allows you to maintain smaller support staff when users have access to online help outlets.

Your customers and distributors will require support and MarketPowerPRO provides the tools that you will need to assist them, including:

  • FAQ Management
    Allows for the configuration of a Frequently Asked Questions feature and will enable you to build its base for CSRs as your company grows.
  • Trouble Tickets
    Assign a manager to a trouble ticket category and allow for tracking of the ticket through to resolution.
  • Wishlist Management
    Provides your users an outlet for making suggestions that you can choose to implement or ignore.
  • RMA Management
    Unfortunately, you will have returns. However, MarketPowerPRO gives you the tools you need to manage them.
  • User Notes
    Enter, view and append notes for each of the users (customers, distributors, etc.) in your organization.

Additional Support Services


Tele-Mentoring gives you access to Robert Proctor twice a week for two half-hour sessions of private consulting (or one hour if you prefer).

Best of all, you help determine the topic or topics associated with each pre-booked call. Robert fields questions and ideas and then discusses the ideas or services with you. As an example, you may have a question about what types of compensation plans are best suited for which types of products. Notify Robert in advance, and he will book an agreeable time to discuss it in depth on a personal call with you.

Where appropriate, Robert may invite additional experts to participate in the calls. As an example, a Multisoft Compensation Plan expert may join the conference call to debate technical issues. Depending on your needs, Tele-Monitoring is available on a month-by-month basis.

Document Review & Comment

Your business needs various documents such as letters, business plans, terms and conditions, etc.
Multisoft can review and amend these documents for you. We review grammar, relevance, and clarity of meaning. You’ll enjoy over two decades of MultiSoft’s proven experience.

Basic Website

MultiSoft offers more than industry leading consulting and software. We have a wealth of experience in design and a graphics team in-house that we can put to work for you.

Every MarketPowerPRO system comes with a free website template. You can add your own content to your new website portal. Optionally, we can design and build a 100% customized website based on your specifications. This site will be 100% unique to you.

Content Spruce Up

With the website design we provide, you can quickly modify its content. There’s no need to know programming. Our user-friendly interface provides easy point and click additions and modifications.

Site content can take several forms including graphics, multimedia presentations, text, etc. We offer content sprucing and cleanup with a minimum 2-week commitment, 4-week maximum.

We take materials you have produced and present this material graphically so it fits your site in style and function. This service does not include Multisoft creating the content on your behalf. You may, of course, be a design guru who needs no assistance. However, if you do need assistance, we’ll be there to help.

Recurring Content Management

Our content management service differs from content sprucing. This service only includes content uploading to your site and does not include us reviewing the content. Should you require content review and editing, you must use the sprucing service.

We offer site and content management at a discounted rate. Service fees must be paid in advance each month.