Where Will You Warehouse and Ship Your Product From?

Warehousing is never a priority until it becomes a problem.  Plan and arrange your product storage before you find yourself storing product in your garage or large stocks of product costing money for just sitting in a warehouse.

MarketPowerPRO is fully integrated with IntegraCore (https://www.integracore.com/), a Supply chain management company based in Utah here in the United StatesIntegraCore provides order management and warehouse services globally to small and large businesses. They boast a 99.9ontime and accuracy service level.

MarketPowerPRO is also integrated with Shipworks (http://www.shipworks.com/) and Endicia (http://www.endicia.com/).  Both are lightweight warehousing and shipping management systems that allow you to run your own warehouse.

In addition, MarketPowerPRO offers a robust set of API’s that allows any third party warehouse to pull your data directly out of the MarketPowerPRO software into their system.