Reduce Your Customer Service Costs and Provide Improved Support

Are you ready to “go global” and expand from a local business opportunity into a multi-national powerhouse? If you are, we are here to help you scale up gradually. We have talented people and professional offices that specialize in helping network marketing companies just like yours open their doors for business internationally or to service your USA company from Asia, and cut your expenses drastically. When it comes to operating an overseas office or call center, we recommend the Philippines

Why The Philippines? The Philippines is a tremendous Asian entry point for your company for a variety of reasons.

Foremost among them is that the country on the whole fully understands network marketing and is hungry for networking opportunities, Filipinos are great recruiters and very friendly people.

Additionally, The Philippines has an eager workforce that speaks English, and very reasonable production and labor costs. It is a country comprised of people that are looking for opportunities! Located in close proximity and time zone to Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and other strong areas of network marketing interest. Manila is an excellent place for your company to establish a foothold for embracing the promise that Australasia offers, one small step at a time.

Your Gateway into Asia: The professionals at the Philippines offices, headed up by MultiSoft’s Vice President of Sales, Steve Mommaerts. Steve is an avid rugby player from Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA and is well positioned to help you make the transition into the Asian marketplace. Each member of the staff is fluent in English and your new Asia representatives are experienced at conducting business all over the “Australasian” region. They know the ins and outs of these countries, the requirements for conducting business and, quite simply, what works and what does not work in the Network Marketing industry!

When doing business with the MultiSoft Asia office, you are engaging the services of a company that is thoroughly familiar with the Australasian region and how to be successful doing business there. Because of our local connections, longevity, and experience, you enjoy business services at a rate far more cost effective than you might expect.

When you’re ready to have MultiSoft’s International Service Desk start working for you, contact MultiSoft by phone at +1 239 945-6433.