MultiSoft is a team of seasoned professionals who have developed and launched HUNDREDS of network marketing companies.

We also perform complete “facelifts” for existing companies, enabling them to stand out in the competitive network marketing industry.

Continuing with our tradition of excellence, MultiSoft provides MLM consulting and support services to existing and start-up companies in the areas such as business forms, graphics and illustrations, legal issues, referrals, company “roll out”, “pre-launch”, “fast start programs”, compensation plan development, national and international expansion, distributor training and much more.

Multisoft’s many years as an MLM solutions provider, ensure that you receive the highest quality consulting possible.

The Services That MultiSoft Offers Are the Finest Available in the Industry, Available to You at Competitive Prices.

What Is Value When Selecting a Consultant?

How do you define value?  Is value the cheapest item or the most expensive?  Does it represent a compromise or does it reveal itself in the delight of receiving something for far less than what you know it to be worth?

If you suddenly need a surgeon because you’ve suffered a heart attack, you’ll reconsider how you view value.  Your focus will be on finding the best surgeon to help with your condition.

The value will take on a whole new meaning to you. Without a doubt, there’s a tremendous value placed on the decisions you make on a day in, day out basis.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to think fast – in MLM, momentum is everything, and you’ve only got a short period to decide before you flat-line.

Yes, we want to learn about your project BEFORE quoting it!

How in the world can anyone price a job if they don’t know what it entails?

With competitors throwing around numbers without first precisely knowing your requirements, the above statement makes sense!

Attention to detail is what sets MultiSoft apart.  The most successful surgeons put time into understanding the symptoms before they diagnose a cure or consider making an incision.

Any way you cut it, there’s real value in that statement, right?

Corporate Consulting Options

Multisoft offers to consult by the day and can tailor the service to fit your needs.  For example, you may want a fast-track course on MLM, or you may only want help with a particular area such as the compensation plan design or creative services.

You tell us where it hurts and we will come equipped with the resources and tools to help. MultiSoft’s services are the most cost-effective in the industry.

The MLM consulting can take place at a Multisoft office or another location. However, the client pays travel and expenses as well if Multisoft conducts the consulting outside their office.

For those interested in more prolonged periods, custom designed packages are available.

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Initial Half-Day Consultation — FREE

We really want to Earn your business, so we have a FREE Day Of Consultation.  Includes a full four hours of face-to-face review and discussion of your project.
Why not benefit from our 30+ years of experience?
We will analyze your commission structure, your products, and you Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and any other areas of importance that you should consider before opening your new Multilevel Company.
This consultation package is a great starting point if you’re hesitant to “go all in”.

MLM management
MLM Company

Basic Package — Full Day Workshop — $999

We understand that part of delivering value is giving you what you need when you need it. Whether you’re launching a new venture, or interested in revitalizing your current company, the most critical phase of the process is consulting.
The Full Day Workshop includes a Face-To-Face review and discussion of your project.
Our Consultations typically take place at one of our offices. However, we do have the ability to travel anywhere in the world and we are happy to work around what best suits your needs.

The Basic Package — Full Day Workshop

This Package was created for the company that has a fundamental understanding of their Compensation Plan, but need a little assistance with the completion and final analysis, while working on a limited budget or a short deadline.

The Basic Package includes one-full-day of on-site consultation and up to four hours of telephone follow-up.

Careful formulation of a distributor Compensation Plan customized to fit your budget, that will contain suggested titles, Qualifications, Benefits and Bonus payouts, and assistance with the integration and pricing formulas for your product or service.

Consulting Company

The Retainer Program — $500 per month

The Retainer Package is an excellent way for MLM corporate entrepreneurs to stay hands-on and do it themselves, while also having experienced counsel available to them in times of need.

You’ll have up to 5 hours per month of direct telephone access time with one of our top executives, our company president Robert Proctor, in the western hemisphere, and our vice president Steve Mommaerts in the eastern hemisphere.

You’ll be consulting with the best, with professionals, who can confidently say “we talk the talk, and we walk the walk.”

*Limited availability.

Want to Sour Like an Eagle, Roar Like a Lion?

The Complete Custom Package

The Complete Custom Package is custom tailored to suit your specific needs.  Select the subjects that you think you would like to know more about, by marking the Checkboxes in our “How Can MultiSoft Help Your Business” web form.

Once the Form has been received by MultiSoft, our company President Robert Proctor or Vice President Steve Mommaerts, will contact you personally by telephone, to discuss your needs and offer suggestions.

Our team has reviewed thousands of compensation plans and authored hundreds of our own.  In fact, we wrote a book, “The Compensation Plan Primer,” a book that helps people understand the nuances of each compensation plan type.

Robert and Steve are looking forward to chatting with you.


You MUST Have a Detailed “Blue Print”

Horror stories of never-ending (billable) programming hours, outrageous and massive price overruns, only to find that the software doesn’t work, or calculate when launched, all just because the programmers didn’t know the unique demands of multilevel marketing programming. These and many more problems like these, plague the MLM Software industry.

You must DEMAND a written, sufficiently detailed, “Technical Specifications Document,” aka “Custom Distributor Compensation Plan.”

This document will be your detailed “Blue Print” to present to your selected programmers, to ensure that they’ll deliver EXACTLY what you expect them to deliver, and when that delivery will be.

MultiSoft will build one FREE for you using our proprietary software — “The Compensation Plan Modeler”!

How Can MultiSoft Help Your Business?

  • Company Website Design
  • Help create a Values Statement
  • Help create a Mission Statement
  • Help create a Vision Statement
  • Help create a Positioning Statement
  • Help with Incorporation
  • Help to create a Business Plan
  • Help to create a Marketing Plan
  • Do a Core Competency Analysis
  • Set Key Performance Indicators
  • Setup Bank Accounts Internationally
  • Assist with Budget preparation
  • Help setup Administration or Operations
  • Help with staff hiring and training
  • Train Leadership Development
  • Help Setup G/L Software
  • Interface API’s into MLM software
  • Consult on office lease agreement
  • Recommend office furnishings
  • Suggest Office Equipment
  • Suggest Computer Installation
  • Suggest PBX telephone system
  • Suggestions for a legal referral
  • Communicate with your legal counsel
  • Assist with corporate structure
  • State and country registrations
  • Employee Contracts and NDA
  • Review and edit documents
  • Review company contracts
  • Review licensing agreements
  • Assist with Compensation Plan Design
  • Create a Compensation Technical Write-up
  • ACH/Electronic Funds Transfer consulting
  • Corporate and Distributor Reports consulting
  • Internet Sales Orders and Data Entry
  • Web Gateway and ISA Interface
  • Internet Gateway Interface and Consulting
  • SSL – Secure Socket Layer integration
  • Suggest Call Center uses
  • Design and build a retail website
  • Design and build an Opportunity Website
  • Provide Distributor Back Office consulting
  • customer service training department
  • Consult on Sales and Marketing
  • Write Sales Scripts
  • Write operational voice message

  • Write Daily Voice Message
  • Logo design
  • Communications design
  • Apply for Trademarks
  • Website design
  • Order Inventories
  • Inventories in Place
  • Distributor Sales Kit:
  • Develop Contents List
  • Writing and Production
  • Completion of Materials Development
  • Order Inventories
  • Suggest additional services
  • Draft Remaining Documentation:
  • Sample Recruiting Adverts
  • Camera Ready Adverts for Distributors
  • Distributor Agreement/Application Design
  • Distributor Manual
  • Distributor Support Training Materials
  • ISA Registration Process
  • Product Order Form
  • Literature Order Form
  • Retail Sales Slip
  • AutoSHIP Form
  • Company Transfer Form
  • Stationery Order Form
  • Change of Address Form
  • Product Materials
  • Field Leader Program
  • Pre-launch Plan
  • Marketing Launch Plans
  • Photography
  • Letter from the President
  • Company History
  • Getting Started
  • How To Build A Downline
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Motivational Forms
  • Corporate Letterhead
  • Corporate Envelopes
  • Corporate Business Cards
  • PowerPoint Presentations:
  • Compensation Plan Presentation
  • The Black Belt Training Academy
  • Marketing Launch:
  • Call Center in Place

  • Confidentiality and NDA Agreements
  • Determine Formulation
  • Product Brochures
  • Manufacturing:
  • Contact Vendors for Proposals
  • Contract with Vendor
  • Set Up Management Processes
  • In Place/First Materials Delivered
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment:
  • Contact Vendors for Proposals
  • Contract with Vendor
  • Set up Management Processes
  • In Place/First Materials Inventoried
  • National Expansion:
  • Area Coordinator Letter
  • Area Coordinator Contract
  • National Expansion Program
  • International Expansion:
  • Area Coordinator Letter
  • Area Coordinator Contract
  • National Expansion Program
  • Legal review and sign off
  • Custom Art and Design:
  • Add —
  • Promotional Materials:
  • Add —
  • National Expansion Programs: Add —
  • Area Coordinator Contract: Area Coordinator Letter
  • Add —
  • Media Packet: Sample Recruiting Adverts Camera Ready Adverts for Distributors
  • In-House Training: Add —
  • Appearance at Company Launch:
  • Robert Proctor
  • Steve Mommaerts
  • Company Roll-Out Training: Add —
  • Product in Place
  • Fulfillment Facility in Place
  • Field Leader Program Installation
  • First Commissioning
  • Pre-Launch Consulting
  • Product(s) Development:
  • Market and Competition Studies
  • Final Report

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