Integrate Your 3rd Party Applications


Your business concept may require that MarketPowerPRO work with other software applications in order to be part of your total solution.  In that spirit, MarketPowerPRO offers a handful of XML-based web services (XML API’s).  These web services enable you to do such things as pass distributor enrollment data and orders from a third party site into MarketPowerPRO.

For example, you may have a third party shopping cart that collects orders for a specialized service.  You can use the web service to have the order data pass seamlessly from the third party to MarketPowerPRO – and avoid any manual keying or reentry of data.

Integration with Your 3rd Party Providers Just Got Easier

Do you need to have your shipping department extract all of the open and non-shipped orders from the database? Do you need to update all of your orders with products shipped, quantities, tracking numbers and shipped dates?

MarketPowerPRO has a pre-built set of API’s (Application Programmer Interface) just for such as purpose. Ask your MultiSoft Sales Executive about these powerful tools for your business.

  • External Replication

  • Add Distributors

  • Add Customers

  • Add Shipments

  • Add Payments

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