Designed for the company that has an idea, a product or service, but has not yet determined how they want to structure their distributor compensation plan, company literature, marketing tools or what type of image they want to project. The complete start-up package is designed for those who see the benefit of having their image and marketing plan sculpted by top industry professionals.

The “Complete Start-Up Package” includes an in-depth company review with recommendations and consultation on all aspects of the company — from operations to field promotion, pre-launch, fast-start and distributor training programs. The “Complete Start-up Package” includes the formulation of a “Distributor Compensation Plan” customized to fit your budget, appropriate product or service pricing. The Compensation Plan will include suggested titles, qualifications, benefits and bonus percentages.

In addition to the checklist of literature and marketing materials provided, we illustrate your Compensation Plan, products and services using Microsoft “PowerPoint” for easy visualization and replication by your Distributors.

The slide presentation will be the basis for your future projects — such as videos, web presentations etc. The immediate benefit will be your ability to provide a company approved presentation to your Distributors, thereby allowing them to start a duplication process through a “legally approved” model.


A camera ready Distributor Manual containing the information your Distributors will need to get started; up to 150 pages:

  • Letter from the President
  • Company History
  • Product Section
  • How To Build A Downline
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Mission Statement
  • “Getting Started” Section
  • Marketing Section
  • Policies & Procedures
  • How To Build a Business
  • Motivational Forms


  • Up to 25 PowerPoint Presentation Slides
  • 10 Tips to Succeed
  • How to Present, Guide Lines
  • Image Projection Advice


  • One, four color, tri-fold Product Brochure


  • Distributor Application
  • Literature Order Form
  • AutoShip Form
  • Stationery Order Form
  • Product Order Form
  • Retail Sales Slip
  • Company Transfer Form
  • Company Note Pad


  • Envelope
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead


  • Full review and comments ready to present a written, in-depth package of documents to your choice of attorney for competent “Legal Review”.

Full review and comments ready to present a written, in-depth package of documents to your choice of attorney for competent “Legal Review”.

Promotional Materials

This proposal also includes two days of on site consultation and up to six hours of phone time at no additional charge. The proposal does not include any additional expenses.

  • National Expansion Program
  • Area Coordinator Contract
  • Media Packet
  • In-House Training
  • Appearance at Company Launch
  • Platinum Package
  • Area Coordinator Letter
  • Sample Recruiting Adverts
  • 4 Camera Ready Adverts for Distributors
  • 1 day of Company Roll-Out Training
  • Corporate Web Site

Initial Consultation

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Basic Package

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Retainer Program

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Complete Start-Up Package

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Additional Days On-Site

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