The “Initial Consultation” includes a full day of face-to-face review and discussion of your project.

Initial Consultations typically take place in our main office here in sunny South Florida. However, because Robert has the ability to travel anywhere in the world he has also conducted initial consultations with many clients in their own home offices and is happy to work around what best suits your needs.

Robert will personally analyze your corporate development plans and product: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and other areas of importance that should be considered when opening your new Multilevel Company.

A general idea of the “concept”, “style” and “look” of the company is established and used by the graphics department when developing custom art and illustration used throughout the project. This consultation package is a great starting point if you’re hesitant to ‘go all in’.

We would like you to meet and establish a personal relationship with the team of professionals that are going to make your ideas a reality.


Initial Consultation

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Basic Package

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Retainer Program

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Complete Start-Up Package

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Additional Days On-Site

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