Have You Ever Wanted To Change How You Bill Shipping Costs To Your Customers? When it comes to shipping your products and how you bill customers for those charges, sometimes it isn’t as cut and dry as you may think.

In many cases, customers expect to pay the actual cost of shipping that the retailer is paying to send their products. Using MarketPowerPRO’s built-in real-time integration with major couriers you can do that by simply submitting weight and sizing dimensions of your shipping packaging. This data is transmitted directly to the courier quoting system with the quote value is passed back to the customer.

However, sometimes the model is a little more complex than that. For various different reasons, some companies prefer to determine shipping costs off of other factors. Maybe that company is working with an outside courier or maybe they’ve isolated a ‘sweet spot’ for certain shipping weights. Or, maybe they’d like to offer shipping discounts for orders exceeding a certain amount and prefer to base their shipping costs on the transaction total.

Businesses utilizing the MarketPowerPRO system have three primary methods to determine how their shipping costs are calculated. They can use the Real-Time Shipping Integration, Shipping by Sale Total, or Shipping by Weight Total.

To learn how to change the shipping calculation method on your MarketPowerPRO system, Click on the link below!