Turning Products Into Profits

The most successful network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales, and party plan companies know that a “compulsive consumable” (products that consumers buy every month – month after month) is essential for success. AutoShip refers to the process of setting up recurring orders – ship Mary 1 bottle every month and bill Jose for an annual renewal fee once each year.

MarketPowerPRO was built with recurring orders in mind and comes enabled with a robust AutoShip system.

Whether you sell a digital product or one that is shipped, whether you need to charge taxes or collect additional packaging and handing, MarketPowerPRO will take care of your needs. The system will intelligently update shipping and tax rates during each order processing run, assuring you of operating profitably.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually or Multi-Schedule? No Problem!

Add, Edit and Delete recurring orders:

Distributors and Customers are able to choose only from those products that the administrator has made available for AutoShip (Product Admin).

Did you know that AutoShip is also a component of many healthy compensation plans?  It’s true, recurring orders ensure that there’s always volume in the company off which distributors can be paid.

Sending out commission checks motivates more people to recruit, sell and establish more AutoShip orders.

Autoship, generates and automates momentum – driving distributor’s commission checks and profit towards your company!