The Matching Bonus

The Matching Bonus is available in all binary, matrix, and Unilevel based compensation plan types. In a matching bonus, the sponsoring distributor receives a commission based on the bonus earnings of distributors they’ve sponsored. A matching bonus typically applies to a level or rank bonus in Unilevel or matrix commission plans or any retail/wholesale bonuses the sponsored distributor may have earned. The matching bonus is configurable to any number of levels and is independently configurable by rank.

For example, if there’s a 10% matching bonus, and distributor A sponsors distributor B; When distributor B earns a rank/level bonus, retail/wholesale, or any other applicable bonus or commission, distributor A – the sponsoring distributor would receive a 10% match of that.

In a binary, when it pays a match out it’s going to pay on the binary earnings of the personally sponsored and will usually be under any commission or bonus cap in place.

This is also a bonus that only rewards personal enrolling lineage. So, you will never receive a first generation matching bonus off of somebody you didn’t sponsor because when the system goes to build the levels that you’re paid on. Now, the good news about it rewarding off of enrolling sponsorship is in systems like our Unilevel and matrix, if you allow people to change a placement sponsor, you never lose the enrollment.