Did You Know that MarketPowerPRO Training Videos are Now Available on YouTube?

We’re constantly looking for new and better methods to provide our users with the best possible services and experience. Now, I’m sure you’re already aware that we provide hundreds of training videos available on our training site (training.marketpowerpro.com). On our training site you can find the videos laid out in Menus that match the location of the corresponding features from the MarketPowerPRO Administrator and Distributor Menus.

With the move to YouTube, you’ll still be able to access the training videos from our training website, but you’ll also have the ability to view them on our YouTube channel, subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on new training, as well as provide feedback about what videos are most helpful and what you’d like to see more about. The switch also means that you’ll have easier access to view the videos from our Training Site without being required to submit your information.