Network Marketing is built on the idea of growing your sales force through interactions with existing distributors. As your opportunity grows and spreads through social circles and the media, you’re bound to reach interested people that have no direct connection to your company or an existing distributor.

What do they do?

They look you up online and scour your website for information. Once they find your website, despite your marketing, even if you offer online enrollments, they may not be willing to sign right up. Many people need that interaction with a distributor who is already involved; someone that can describe their own personal experiences and explain what makes your opportunity so special before they’re willing to make a move.


What happens when someone is interested but doesn’t know how to find or get in touch with a distributor? You guessed it, they’re gone before ever getting to find out what they’re missing.


MultiSoft knows how important it is to the growth of your business to help those prospects find a distributor as quickly and easily as possible. MarketPowerPRO has a native Find a Distributor module that can be used in all systems. If you’re not already using this feature, click on the link below to find out how!