Don’t you wish that all of the important data you as an owner require each day to evaluate your company was located all in one location?  As a business owner, you require immediate access to data such as Sales, AutoShips, Distributor Counts, Customer Counts, Top Distributors and more. Now You Do. Introducing the Administrator Quick View.

MultiSoft and MarketPowerPRO are pleased to announce the new Administrator Quick View (All In One) Dashboard Totals have now been deployed to all central source client systems.  As an Administrator you now have instant access to the data you need instantly for “Today”, “Yesterday”, “This Week”, “Last Week”, “This Month”, “Last Month”, “This Year”, “Last Year” and “Since Inception” all in one location, in one page, in one screen.

These new Administrator dashboards provide you with the analytics and data trends to make daily decisions such as adding or removing promotions, increasing or decreasing inventory levels, when sales are improving and when, if, they are declining – when your most distributor enrollments are and much more.  With the new “Top Distributors” you can run promotions for your top distributors by sales, customer enrollments, distributor enrollments, and earnings – reward and incentivize your organization!

To access the new Dashboards simply Login as an administrator, mouseover the Company tab in the upper left corner of the administrator navigation bar and click on Administrator Quick View Totals Dashboard to experience this new module which has been provided to all clients free of charge.

Are you running on MarketPowerPRO Stand-Alone software or don’t see this in your Company drop-down menu?  Are you Interested in this feature?  This is a FREE enhancement to your MarketPowerPRO software – call your sales executive or account executive for more details or to have this feature enabled in your system today.