If you are not already acquainted, we would like to introduce you to one of MultiSoft’s newest trusted partners, PayQuicker LLC, a leading global payments provider offering domestic and global payment solutions for direct selling organizations.

PayQuicker has been serving Direct Selling Organizations since 2007 with the industry’s leading outbound commission payment platform. PayQuicker’s proprietary No Cost Instant Payments™ system allows for seamless integration with their client’s back-office software. PayQuicker’s real-time APIs deliver a premier user experience within the client’s own ecosystem. Distributors live-the-brand utilizing direct-linked cards that feature their client’s logo and give them immediate access to their earnings in the currency of their choice anywhere in the world. PayQuicker’s slogan is simple: ‘Happy Distributors’. PayQuicker exists to empower independent distributors to love the brand they represent. PayQuicker helps to accelerate the global expansion of Direct Selling Organizations and delivers a truly remarkable client service experience.

“Our mutual principles of marketplace integrity, delivering extraordinary value to clients, and delivering leading-edge technology solutions for the Direct Selling industry make this partnership an ideal match. The partnership with MultiSoft will increase the velocity and ease with which direct selling organizations can expand globally and create happy distributors.” – Jeff Krantz, EVP of Sales & Marketing, PayQuicker

“We chose to integrate with PayQuicker due to their dedication to the network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales industry, their desire to empower distributors worldwide and most importantly because of the staff and ownership.” – Robert Proctor, CEO and President, MultiSoft Corporation.

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